608 Woodland Ave.-Foreclosures in Duluth

by Tom Bridge on May 28, 2009


This Foreclosure in Duluth is near the University of Minnesota Duluth Campus. It needs some work but will make someone a great Duluth Home. Built in 1910 it is easy to see that this house had loads of character in it’s day and could again with some work on the part of the new owner. It needs a new heating system as the current hot water heating system has freeze damage that will require a completely new source of heat for this home. It almost certainly has damage to the plumbing as well. It could be replaced with another system of the same kind but energy efficiency might suggest something different. It could be that electric heat with off peak would be the most economical.

608 Woodland Ave.

608 Woodland Ave.

But about the house. It is of colonial style with 4 bedrooms including one on the third level. That’s right this house has three levels with a full basement. It appears that at one time there were two bedrooms in the basement. They do not however have egress windows and probably should not be used as bedrooms.

It does not currently have a rental license and it is in doubt whether it could get one. Some say yes and others say no as it is in violation of the current city ordinance. Whoever ends up with this Foreclosure in Duluth I am sure they will have gotten a good deal and will earn some serious sweat equity.

As for the lot. It measures 50 x 125. There is room for a garage but with no access from the rear and a pretty nivce back yard I’ not sure anyone would add one.

That is all I have for today’s post on Foreclosures in Duluth and Duluth Real Estate.

If you would like to see a video you can look here.


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