Here is to Hoping for a Nice Warm Spring

by Tom Bridge on February 22, 2009

Well it’s time to take a break from blogging about Duluth Real Estate for a few pictures of Winter. I hope you enjoy them.


Above and below are a couple of pretty cool winter sunsets. Not the time of year you expect to get them.



The pond hockey tournament at Barkers Island has been a big success. Even with the temperature at -10 on this night.


A lot of ice piled up on the Lake Superior shore this year.


Our bird feeder got a lot of action…


and not just from the birds!


Another shot of the Pond Hockey Tournament


Ice Fishing on Superior Bay between Park Point and Barkers Island.


I couldn’t help throwing in this extra after sunset picture.



The Cedar Waxwings really liked the berries on this tree. A bunch of them were regulars for a couple of weeks.


I can’t help but throw in a shot of my buddy Vince. He doesn’t know what cold is.

As fun as winter can be it sure has been a cold one. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Like many other people I enjoy what winter has to offer. The almost constantly changing scenery along the Lake Superior Shore, getting out the snowshoes or skis. Even after a heavy snow going out and shoveling and snowblowing (yes I enjoy that, call me sick). I think it makes me enjoy summer all that much more.

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