Pictures of the Northland

by Tom Bridge on December 4, 2008

Lone Maple

I guess anyone that has been here before knows I have fun taking pictures. Like I’ve said before I have to take a break from Duluth Real Estate now and then. This Post takes us from last spring through the Summer. With the migration of Canada Geese, Air Force Fly Over on the Fourth of July to some spring and summer flowers to the colors of fall. I was fortunate enough to get very close to some beautiful creatures. The Heron in flight and the Porcupine were probably my favorites this year. The Turkeys run a close second. They don’t usually let you get that close. I can’t help but throw in a couple of sunsets and pictures from the land my wife and I own. Also included are some of my favorite fall color shots from the Chequamegon National Forest in the Delta Drummond area of Northwest Wisconsin. We are blessed with a lot of natural beauty in the Northland. It is one of the best reasons to live here and the main reason people from other parts of the country come to live. From the woods to the lakes and rivers, opportunities abound skiing, snowshoeing, fishing, biking, hiking, hunting and in my case taking pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

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