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This Twin Port City is smaller than Duluth, and perhaps less well known.  Yet it shares the same nautical heritage, and a harbor that is one of the most important ports on the Great Lakes. If you are looking for real estate in this area, consider the purchase of a Superior home.

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Of course the geographical location means that you will enjoy all of the outdoor recreation opportunities available to Duluth residents, but a home in Superior will put you closer to a few more that are unique to this area.  If you enjoy fishing, sailing, canoeing, and water sports, you need to discover the Superior real estate market.  Keep in mind that Superior is surrounded by plenty of water.  In addition to being framed by the Namadji and the St. Louis Rivers, it is also bordered by St. Louis Bay, Superior Bay, and Allouez Bay.

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Many of our Superior real estate clients have relocated to the area and purchased homes here because of job and business opportunities afforded by the local economy.  Because the Duluth -Superior port is the largest in the Great Lakes,  about 40 million metric tons are shipped out of the port on an annual basis, making the transportation industry a dominant feature in the local economy.  Railroads and trucking companies are busy, and warehousing industry is growing.  Area employers include Amzoil, a synthetic oil manufacturing company; Genesis Attachments, a manufacturer of shears a grapple equipment, and many other thriving light industries.

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Why Purchase Superior Real Estate?

Superior Wisconsin can certainly claim a strong commercial sector.  But in addition to its  vibrant business community, there is a friendly, neighborly atmosphere that pervades this town.  Duluth may be able to claim “Minnesota nice,” but Superior is the second city to receive the designation as a “City of Kind Words.”  Mayor Ross is dedicated to the idea of “empowering people with the use of kind words.”  Superior is a bastion of friendliness, and is a sterling example of what community spirit should be like.  Purchase Superior real estate in any neighborhood, and you will find yourself getting to know your neighbors by chatting over the backyard fence or waving to them as you drive down the street. Investment in Superior real estate means an investment in a community of neighbors!

The quality of the local public schools reflects the priorities of the Superior residents, and good schools is an accurate index of the quality of life found here. The Superior school district operates on a philosophy that stresses inclusion, high-expectations, and accountability.  The good reputation of the school district is one of the many positive features of the community that help to protect the value of your investment in Superior real estate.

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Superior Homes for Sale

Affordability is the salient feature of the Superior real estate market.  At any given time, you should be able to find about eight or nine dozen year-round single family homes for sale under 100K, including a mix of bungalows and nice two stories with built-ins and hardwood floors.  You can find Superior homes for sale in tudor style, split entry or 1.5 story/expansion styles.  Call me about your housing needs, and I will send you information about the best values in Superior real estate.


Are you thinking of selling your Superior home?  Call me for a free market analysis of your property.  There is no cost or obligation. My goal is to provide you with the best Superior real estate market data so you can price your home correctly and prepare it to sell for top dollar.

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